• What is included in the dessert table set-up?

    A standard table set-up includes: (i) the rental of table for desserts displays, (ii) table cloths, tableware and displays essential to the dessert table, (iii) simple decorations with artificial flowers, centrepieces, food tags, other suitable decoratives, (iv) disposable wares, serviettes, and (v) a basic curtain drape backdrop, LED fairy lights set-up, where deemed necessary and suitable for the set-up.

    The set-up may take 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the extend of set-up required. You will be advised by our catering team upon enquiry and confirmation. If you wish to use any of your personal items on the dessert table, do let us know in advance as it will help our design team in the table layout.


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