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Dessert Table Set-up and Styling

Your search for the ultimate dessert caterer ends at PastryDen. We are focused on providing quality desserts and pastries selection, and providing a luxurious experience that’s simultaneously affordable.

Catering to events of all kinds, we are a reliable company that constantly strives to deliver the sweetest possible experience for all occasions. Our classic range of sweet treats exemplify simplicity at its best. We have formed partnerships with local confectioneries around Singapore and are thus equipped to provide a range of desserts, with everything from flavoured macarons to gourmet cakes on the menu.

Our dessert table comes fully equipped, and our table stylist would be fully armed down to the last decoration required. No fuss or hassle about where to rent a table, cake stands, or conflict on colour combinations, because with PastryDen, we do it for you.


Drop&Go Delivery

PastryDen delivers sweetness and happiness right to your doorstep! Our team will prepare your order accordingly and deliver it to your preferred location of choice. Dessert delivery is available almost island-wide, be it the office, function room, hotels, or even to your living room!

We have crafted several convenient packages for our Drop&Go service. That way, it makes it even easier for you to choose the desserts you want and arrange for them on the go! Standard lead time applies.

Customized Birthday Cakes or Cupcakes

Looking for a uniquely customized cake to add onto the fluff? We might be of help!

PastryDen now offers the option to get a customized cakes or cupcakes specially for your event! Depending on the complexity of the design, we would need a confirmation at least fourteen (14) days or up to six (6) weeks before the scheduled delivery.

To ensure that we are on the same page,  we would request you to send in your reference photos, as well as specifications for the cake. Our catering coordinators would then advise you on the feasibility and provide you with a quotation on your design. Drop us a line or email to [email protected] to learn more. It’s that simple!


Events Planning and Ancillary Services

Scaling up your small party to a large scale event? PastryDen has the capability to host it for you!

We work closely with our event partners with an extensive support network for your event needs! From small scale needs such as party balloons, photobooth services or mobile cocktail bars to large scale requirements such as audio-visual set-up, professional performances or hiring of emcees, we have the one-stop solution for you!


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