Halal Desserts

We work with Halal kitchens to bring you a better variety

Halal Menu and Dessert Packages

In our culturally and religiously diversified country, we receive numerous enquiries about Halal desserts selection from time to time . Taking note of this important factor, PastryDen have taken a step further to work with Halal confectioneries to introduce a range of Halal-certified desserts to our Muslim friends, while still emphasizing heavily on the quality of our specially crafted desserts to retain the richness and flavour.

We have streamlined a series of dessert packages to be strictly consisting of dessert items from our Halal selections. Now, your Muslim friends can join in the occasion any time!

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Halal Drop&Go Delivery

PastryDen delivers sweetness and happiness right to your doorstep! Our team will prepare your order accordingly and deliver it to your preferred location of choice. Dessert delivery is available almost island-wide, be it the office, function room, hotels, or even to your living room!

We have crafted several convenient packages for our Drop&Go service specifically for the Halal selections. That way, it makes it even easier for you to choose the desserts you want and arrange for them on the go! Standard lead time applies.


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