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Got a question? Check out some of the commonly asked!

A. General

We’re certainly working on that! Currently, PastryDen operates as an online patisserie, with occasional exposure at food events or trade shows. Our central bakery and partnered kitchen are solely for production only, and we’d like to keep it that way. Our administrative office is located in Woodlands for logistic and other essential works to get your orders going. If you wish to purchase our desserts or engage our services, simply make the purchase online or drop us an email!

We seek to offer a wider range of desserts to cater to a larger group of sweet lovers, and some desserts may require the use of ingredients that cannot attain Halal certification. As such, we have partnered confectioneries running our production that would separate the Halal and non-Halal desserts. Rest assured all our production operates in no pork and no lard facilities, and that these products do no cross path during production.

We have a range of selected products that are certified Halal. Certain desserts require the use of ingredients that cannot acquire Halal certification, and we produce these products separately at our partnered kitchens. Rest assured that all our confectioneries runs in a no pork and no lard environment, and the products do not cross path during production. You may refer to the Halal packages available on our site, or reach out to our catering team who can advice you on the Halal selections.

Yes, we certainly do! Be it wedding, solemnization or event engagement parties, let us sweeten your special day with desserts and treats! If your event venue is located within hotel premises, resorts and chalets, or any rented event venues, please ensure that you have obtained a verbal or written consent from the relevant authorities to engage an external dessert caterer for your event.

We have catered to events such as home parties, baby showers, wedding receptions as well as corporate events. Let us know the nature of your event and pick a theme to go along with it! Our catering team can assist you with the menu planning and advice you on the decoration needs! Drop us a line or email to contact our catering team!

PastryDen specialises in desserts delivery and table styling for all occasions! We provide the table set-up, display ware rental and catering of dessert, with the concept of minimalism and affordable luxury reflected through our sweets. Our partnership with local and regional confectioneries allow us to deliver an extensive range of gourmet treats and finest selections of desserts and pastries to suit your unique needs of every events!


B. Customisation

Sure you can, let us know what you have in mind! We are equipped with a standard range of themes that have been crafted to fit most design requirements. Specific themes may require additional time and manpower to source and curate the decorations that is required, which may translate into additional cost for the set-up. Speak to our catering team to get an accurate quote for your event!

Our chefs work hard to develop the range of pastries we offer today, and we have existing agreement with our partnered confectioneries holding our recipe card. As such, any individual customisation is currently not accepted at our patisserie.

Yes, we do! We support a limited range of customised option for birthday cakes as centrepiece, and also special decorative additions on our existing range of cakes. However, depending on the complexity of the cake design, cake orders have to up be placed up to one (1) month prior to event date. Speak to us about your customisation in mind!

We support light customisation of whole cakes or cupcakes. At PastryDen, we believe in minimalism and back-to-basics, hence we reflect these beliefs through the food that we serve. We know that the market out there has numerous colourful products that are attractive, however, we differentiate ourselves by keeping true to the roots and traditions of the desserts and pastries. Therefore, we do not encourage extensive customisation that may alter the fine taste of desserts and pastries. Talk us to learn more about our customised range!

C. Ordering

You may do so over the online shop or drop us an email directly!

Ordering via email or contact form:
1) Simply email your requirements and choice of items to [email protected] or via the contact form.
2) A catering coordinator will be in touch with you to process your orders and payments!

Ordering via the online shop:
1) Select from one of our packages
2) Fill up the Order Chit
3) Make a deposit or full payment upon checkout.
4) You will receive a copy of the new order via email. Your order is subjected to confirmation, and a catering coordinator will be in touch with you within two-three (2-3) working days to confirm your orders.

You certainly can! We regard such orders as Drop&Go. You may refer to our Drop&Go packages to make your selections, or contact our catering team for custom orders. Delivery surcharge may apply.

The set-up time might take 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the extend of set-up required. You will be advised by our catering team upon enquiry and confirmation. Do inform us of your ‘table ready by’ time for us to accommodate your event better!

For example, if you require your dessert table to be ready by 12.00PM, our team will arrive between 10.30AM-11.00AM, and the default collection time will be 2.00PM.

Our dessert table package comes standard with two (2) hours of event time included, excluding the set-up time. This encourages the consumption of displayed foods within the NEA recommended timeline from the time of production. For example, if you require your dessert table to be ready by 12.00PM, our team will arrive between 10.30AM to 11.00AM, and the default collection time will be 2.00PM. Additional hours can be extended for a fee. For more information, please refer to the rate card.

A standard table set-up includes: (i) the rental of table for desserts displays, (ii) table cloths, tableware and displays essential to the dessert table, (iii) simple decorations with artificial flowers, centrepieces, food tags, other suitable decoratives, (iv) disposable wares, serviettes, and (v) a basic curtain drape backdrop, LED fairy lights set-up, where deemed necessary and suitable for the set-up.

The set-up may take 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the extend of set-up required. You will be advised by our catering team upon enquiry and confirmation. If you wish to use any of your personal items on the dessert table, do let us know in advance as it will help our design team in the table layout.

Our kitchen runs a very tight timeline and key ingredients are only procured upon new orders. As such, we cannot guarantee the availability of our menu as well as the slots for delivery or table set-up. Nonetheless, feel free to reach out to our catering team at the soonest possible, we strive to help in every way we can to sweeten your dessert experience. A rush order fee may be imposed on such orders.

D. Payment & Fees

We support payment via the following methods:

1) Credit Card
We accept Visa and MasterCard payments via our website.

2) Direct Bank Transfer
You may deposit directly to our corporate account if your order is not made via the website.

PastryDen Pte Ltd
MayBank (Malayan Banking Berhad)
Acc No: 04201069080

3) Crossed Cheque
You may issue a crossed cheque payable to “PastryDen Pte Ltd”, and mail it to:

PastryDen Pte Ltd
27 Woodlands Industrial Park E1, #03-02,
Singapore 757718

Should you have any payment queries, please contact our catering team to clarify.

There may be several charges applicable when you engage our delivery or dessert table services. We itemised our billing process to offer a clear and transparent pricing, however certain charges may be subjected to change on a case-by-case basis.

Below are some examples of charges that may apply to your order.
Delivery fees : This may be applicable for orders to be delivered to your premises
Extension fees : For every additional hour you wish to extend your dessert table
Lift landing fees : For venues that do not support direct lift access, additional charges apply for labour
Early hours fees : For orders delivered/set-up before 10.00AM
Late hours fees : For orders delivered/tear down after 10.00PM
Rush order fees : For orders confirmed less than five (5) working days prior to event
Design fees : For any development of design elements or artwork

Additional fees may apply on certain eve of public holidays and on public holidays, subjected to availability.

Please refer to the rate card or contact our catering team to find out more about the applicable surcharges

A deposit of $100 or 50% of the total amount, whichever higher, may be required upon the confirmation of your order. You may do a direct bank transfer, pay through credit card via our website or mail a cheque to us to be cleared at least five (5) working days before the date of event. Our catering team will advice you on the payment procedures.

Delivery is free for our standard packages. Additional fee may apply for certain locations. For more information, please refer to the rate card.



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