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Dessert tables have taken the world by storm, be it wedding, baby shower, birthday, or corporate events, with each occasions aiming not to be outdone by others! Dessert Tables are becoming more beautiful and grander, and they are elevating the sweet tooth into an artistic form. A beautifully designed dessert bar can really pull the whole celebration and event together and impress your guests. However, dessert tables can be a lot of work to pull off. Selecting the right combination, symmetry, colour pairing, centrepieces, number of desserts, and putting them together with appropriate decoration requires a creative vision. We’ve collected some gorgeous dessert table examples below designed by talented professionals to sweeten your events to the next new heights!

Rustic Garden

This dessert table sets the atmosphere to be just like your backyard garden! This warm, rustic tablescape is perfect for displaying nature’s favourite hues. Flowers look rustic and picked from a garden, and the desserts are piled on a mishmash of cake stands all at varying heights, and both chinaware and wood boards are used for a juxtaposition between rustic and refined. This tablescape is perfect for any season and occasions!

Nautical Blue

Ahoy there matey! Blue is the sign for an adventure! Longing for that summertime feel during the cold days? Bring the beach right to your table. This sea-inspired dessert table can be used all year round. Adding on with those cute lifebuoys to save any occasions, and vibrant shells and for an extra boost of summer hues too!

Glittery Gold

From the glittery gold dessert table to the matching cute flower bow, this fanciful and fun dessert table sparkles and shines! The metallic gold creates a glamorous focal point, and bringing the whole table together with whimsy and a sense of feminine playfulness.

Glittery Pink

Not everything that glitters are gold, it can also be the sweetly romantic pink with much childhood love too! This feminine vintage-feel dessert table uses sparkly decor in pink to bring out the shine in your event, creating a gorgeous pinkish neon shine for your event!

Elegant White

The pureness of white, is almost like time coming to a standstill. This dessert table achieves a clean and elegant look by pairing icy-hued china with a natural floral centrepiece from a combination of white roses, and other chinaware ornaments. For a subtle contrast and touch of drama, we play with lightings and paired with simple table settings, this look is an elegant approach our expression of white.

Black White

Black and white is a timeless colour scheme for any occasion, and it’s almost always suitable. Black and white, there can’t be anything more classic and elegant than that!

Black Red

The vibrant striking red centrepieces and decoration brings a pop of colour to the colour space, and would be ideal for bridal or baby shower, or just a classy romantic soiree. One of the most popular choice for charming your guests, and especially your loved ones.

Minimal Floral

A simple palette of bright primary colours provides a minimal but fun feel! A variety of flowers stalks around the table and add that to a tall blooming bouquet of flowers in a slender vase brings a unifying force for a fun and modern dessert table together with a fresh feel.


Layers over layers of colour to create an enchanting world surrounding the entire dessert table. Combined together with that classic rainbow whole cake which is layered with soft pastel colours, and those beautifully laid our colourful assortment of macarons. Every bite will definitely be as exciting as rainbow!

Custom Themes

Have a theme in mind? Perhaps we could assist! Our team of design specialist can help to create the experience you are looking for. Of course, extravagant designs comes with a hefty price tag. What we do at PastryDen is to offer you similar alternatives that may create the memories you desire, while not making a hole in your pockets. Speak to us to find out more!

*Theme design and layout may vary individually due to the availability of decorative pieces, types and quantity of desserts, and other design limitations.


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